Automatic Flower Water Fountain (2.4l)
Automatic Flower Water Fountain (2.4l)

Automatic Flower Water Fountain (2.4l)

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More than 3000 domestic cats die at US homes each year because of poor hydration and kidney related issues!

Kidney diseases will likely impact 1 in 3 cats or more. Kidney disease tends to hide until it's fairly advanced.

In order to help your cats drink more water and stay away kidney disease, we present you our Flower Water Fountain.

Your favorite friend's water bowl will look and sound like an inviting, bubbling brook when you use the Flower Pet Fountain by UrBuddyW. This innovative fountain encourages your pal to drink more water, keeping her healthy and hydrated using a unique, customizable design. With three water flow settings, you can switch between a gentle flow of water, a bubbling top, or faucet-like streams. So, you can entice your fussy pet to drink. While she enjoys the seemingly never-ending flow of water, a triple-action filter removes magnesium, calcium, odors and debris. Unlike most drinking fountains, this flower doesn't have a bowl for dirt to settle in and get comfortable. Instead, your pet is always drinking from a clean, fresh stream. That's what we call flower power!


  • Exclusive design provides 3 different water settings to entice selective drinkers—choose between a gentle flow, bubbling top or calm stream.

  • With no bowl for the water to pool in and a superior filter, this fountain keeps dirt, debris and other nasties out of your kitty's water.

  • Carbon Activated Filter Keeps Your Kitty Healthy and Prevents any Toxic Bacteria.

  • Replacement filters were equipped to keep the water fresh and meets human health standards.

  • Easily clean, easily remove, easily clean and re-attach the flower to strengthen or lessen the bubble flow when in the "bubbling top" mode.

  • Operates Silently with a Relaxing Sound of Water Flow.

  • Made of BPA-free materials to be extra-safe and non-toxic for your best buddy.
  • Last for years and take a good care for your pets.


- Material: PP resin + Stainless Steel
- Weight: 0.6-0.9kg
- Capacity: 2.4L/80 Oz
- Power supply: DC 5V 1A
- Power: 1.5W
- Recommended pet type: cats and medium/small dogs

- 1x Stainless Multi-Pet Fountain
- 1x Carbon Filter
- 1x Foam Filter (Number of Filter depends on order)
- 1x Flower
- 1x Fountain Pump with USB Charging Port
- 1x Instruction Manual


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