CYB3RVIBE™ (Ver 3.1)
CYB3RVIBE™ (Ver 3.1)
CYB3RVIBE™ (Ver 3.1)

CYB3RVIBE™ (Ver 3.1)

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When you want to show off it should be uniquely perfect!!! 

Our CYB3RVIBE™ was designed for this purpose. Wearing CYB3RVIBE™ you can

  • Stand out from the crowd. 
  • Upgrade your iconic look.
  • Freely express your special personality.


Cyberpunk Inspiration: 

The design of CYB3RVIBE™ is inspired by cyberpunk culture. This futuristic pattern will be a special highlight for your outfit.

Get ready to rock the parties with CYB3RVIBE™.

    Vibrant Colors Effect: 

    CYB3RVIBE™ has built-in independent LED bulbs on both earpieces. It helps you turn on/off easily and switch from single color to multiple colors- mode. 

      Comfortable to wear:

      CYB3RVIBE™ is made of high-quality transparent acrylic material and a scratch-resistant lens.

      It has an ideal design that is gentle for your eyes, lightweight for your ears, and perfectly fits your facial shape.

      Reliable and Safe:

      With the support of Electro-Luminescent technology, there is no heat, noise, or ultraviolet rays in the process of converting electric energy into light energy.

      Using 2 replaceable batteries, CYB3RVIBE™ creates soft light which is completely safe for your eyes.


      • Material: acrylic full frame + electronic components.
      • Power supply: 2*CR2032 button battery (can be replaceable).
      • Lens width: 137 millimeters


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