Eternal Flower Lamp
Eternal Flower Lamp
Eternal Flower Lamp
Eternal Flower Lamp

Eternal Flower Lamp

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Bring positive energy, love, and warmth into your room. 

  • Let try to leverage your room atmosphere by adding some romantic mood from Eternal Flower Lamp.
  • This extra thing is what needed for your amazing night after a long, busy day. 

Rotating Eternal Flower

  • This lamp features magnetically levitating technology that allows the flower ball to rotate 360 degrees.
  • Watching the gorgeous lamp gently circle around can help you to find your perfect moment of peace and balance.

Masterpiece of art

  • The Eternal Flower Lamp is designed with an exclusive look at the incredible craftsmanship.
  • With their talent, the craftsmen meticulously transform premium silk into beautiful everlasting flowers.
  • This work of art combined with magnetically levitating technology brings magic and attracts love to your room.


Perfect gift for you and your loved one

  • There are beautiful metaphors behind the design of the lamp.
  • Eternal Flower represents forever love. 
  • The flower is protected in a transparent glass ball, meaning that true love should be wrapped in pure sincerity.
  • The flower ball then is lightened up by moonlight around the lamp. This means that the beauty of true love is nurtured by the energy of passion and warm care.
  • If you want a sweet surprise for you and your loved one, our lamp can be your perfect choice. 

Product Feature 

 Magnetic levitation technology
    • The base is fitted with a permanent magnet, drawing energy from the principles of electromagnetic induction to produce a stable magnetic field.
    • This brings the appliance's target object to float freely without touching anything.

     Built-in LED Light

    • A clever optical illusion creates a light that floats right at the top of a lampshade.
    • The opaque underside gives robustness and ensures safety.
    • Powered by electricity and Using touch On/Off button 


      • Lamp body: height 24cm/9.4", diameter 15cm/5.9".
      • Floating ball 15cm/5.9".

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