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King of cardio exercises

Jumping rope can burn 300 calories in 15 minutes, much more than other continuous cardio exercises, like running, cycling, and swimming.

Since most of your major muscle groups are working hard when you jump rope, the exercise will improve your fitness level in a shorter time.

TechRope ™ with breakthrough technology will add more fun and challenge to your daily routine.

TechRope ™ - Smarter and stronger fitness  experiences 

  • TechRope ™ provides you with professional skipping time, frequency, and calorie consumption calculation.
  • It syncs with Free Smart App which automatically records and analyzes your workout data.
  • TechRope ™ can be used with or without the  App. Your exercise record will automatically transfer when it is connected back to Smart App.


Smart App - Daily track your fitness improvement.

  • Provides you various functions that aid your jumping workout.
  • 4 available modes:
    • Free Skip: You freely jump then Smart App will record the data when you finish.
    • Jump countdown- Set the skipping number you want to achieve.
    • Timer jump – Set the amount of time you want to jump.
    • HIIT Mode – Set the amount of time and target skipping number in that time.
  • TechRope ™ is embedded with a sound and vibration effect when you reach the exercise goal you set.
  • The App is available on Android or iOS devices. 


Easy option – Jumping with no rope.

TechRope ™ comes with an option of cordless jump rope. You can simply replace the rope with 2 attached sensor balls then start jumping.

This option suits you best when:

  • Exercising without the noise of rope hitting the floor.
  • Having limited exercising space.
  • Worry about paint when getting tripped up by a regular rope.



Adjustable Length

  • TechRope ™E is300cm/9.6 Feet Long and freely adjustable, allowing you to customize the rope length to your height. Your customized rope length will optimize your exercise posture.
  • Adjust the length of the rope and hold the surplus rope with the holders. 
  • Cut the surplus rope if there is too much left. 

Premium quality

  • Chargeable by USB cable: Fast charge in 2 hours and can be used up to 30 days.
  • TechRope ™ uses permanent non-contact sensors to continuously track the exact position of the rope.
  • It is coated with premium PVC which can ensure the longest service life and avoid cracking or breaking. 
  • The convenience and completeness of the design ensure fun and engaging workout experience. 


Package included:

  • 2 x resistance handles
  • 2 x rope balls(Length:1.1FT)
  • 1 x rope(Length:9.8FT)
  • 1 x Rope Sheath
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x user manual 

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