UrBuddyW™ Magic Dance Mat
UrBuddyW™ Magic Dance Mat

UrBuddyW™ Magic Dance Mat

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Families that play together, stay together! 

We all know that quality playtime with our family is paramount in building stronger relationships.

If you are looking for a new idea for your family playtime, our UrBuddyW™ Magic Dance Mat can help.



  •  A game for all family members:

Our Magic Dance Mat has various games that kids, parents, and grandparents can all enjoy. 

Studies show that family playing time can help our kids experience better emotional well-being and even reach for higher levels of education. 


  • Increase Fitness Level: 

UrBuddyW™ Magic Dance Mat has 14 motion sports games such as running, fishing, kayaking.

You can play those games with your kids as workouts for your body.  

It also can lead to a positive, healthy lifestyle and decrease the risk of obesity in children and teens. 

It is amazing, right! For the same amount of time, you can raise the fitness level of all family members and help your kids develop their earlier love for sports.  

And more, if you want to do exercises alone, our Magic Mat has 33 Yoga poses and 24 Aerobics actions to support your workout routine.  



  • Great Educational Tool: 

The dance game requires quick foot-hand coordination. Combined with the rhythm of the music, it helps children to develop their brainpower and physical skills.   

Skills gained through playing time can build confidence, patience, social skills, and creativity. 


  • Variety of games:

 Our UrBuddyW™ Magic Dance Mat contains 3 dance modes including live-action, animation, and scene.

It has built-in 128 Classic FC games, 20 puzzle games, and 14 sports games.



  •  Premium PVC Non-slip Fabric Material: 

Our game mat is made of premium, thick PVC material, that provides you comfortable and great dancing experiences. 

It can be non-slip, sweatproof, and wrinkle resistance.

  • 2.4GHZ Bluetooth 5.0 Handles: 

The wireless handles have a comfortable ergonomic grip and stable, anti-interference connection signal. 

  • Portable TF card: 

The mat includes a micro TF card that provides local storage for additional songs.

You can use your computer to download your favorite songs into the card and enjoy playing games with your music. 

  • Compatible with multiple devices: 

Using AV interface, our Magic Dance Mat can connect with Smart TV, Old-fashioned TV, Projector, Computer. 

It is easy to install. Just plug in 3 cables to your TV and play games. 


  • Step 1: Plug in the Power Adapter and USB-C cable provided in the accessories box to power up the mat. (Always remember to turn on the mat first). 
  • Step 2: Plug in 3 AV cables into your TV. 
  • Step 3: Choose games by remote or by stepping on the mat then play.  


  • 1 Play Mat with cables.
  • 2 Game handles.
  • 1 Power charger.
  • 1 User manual


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